The Downsides of Too Much Internet

internet addiction

The internet is a great thing and has proven itself to be one of the modern world’s most influential innovations. And as the technology continues to develop and become more accessible, a growing number of people are living their lives online. Whether as a tool for work or personal entertainment and communication, online platforms like social media sites have become an important part of many people’s daily life.

But greater connectivity comes with its share of disadvantages. Uncontrolled use leads to more time spent online which often leaves little time for real life connections. Concerns about social networking ruining relationships have been increasing of late. And the many images that show people focused on their mobile phone screens even in the company of others seem to suggest that phone and internet addiction may be real.

Spending more time online or losing track of time when using the internet is a common problem. It may be unplanned like clicking a notification about an incoming email, which could lead to checking other emails or social media accounts to see the latest news or information.

All the extra time spent on non-essential things online could also lead to loss of productivity. The internet becomes a distraction that leads to neglect of more important things to do. And the inability to self-regulate online use or the unwillingness to unplug more can get in the way of other more crucial tasks. The internet may be a good thing filled with amazing possibilities. But only when users stay in control and use it in moderation.

Author: optimalrobotics