How Robots Changed our Lives


Flying cars, futuristic gadgets, instant teleportation, and self-lacing shoes. That’s how we all imagine the future, right?

These things might be impossible to complete by now, but technology is quickly advancing! But one futuristic thing has been with us since the 90’s. What is it? Robots!

There are cute robots, helpful robots, and deadly robots. But how did robots affect our lives? Here we will give how robots changed our life.

Robots as Waiters

Robots can serve food just like as people! Besides, it is more entertaining to see a robot serving you. Some fast food chains have already replaced their kitchen staff with robots.

Baking your favorite desserts like brownies, they can do anything! I just don’t know if the chocolate chip scone calories is higher than a normal homemade one.

Medical Use

Robots are not about serving foods. They can be even the solution to the future of medicine. A robot can serve as a good assistant in doctor’s office or walk-in clinics.

Offense and Security

You Can See You Neighbor Dressing Up!

Some robots are made to give us the security. They can also be used in war or emergency rescues.

Drones are very good example for this. Though unable to move on its own, it can still be very helpful. Some robots are powerful enough to kill a human. We’re not talking about terminator here! We’re talking about robots packed with deadly weapons. Which are super cool!

Help do Household Chores

Don’t have enough energy to do chores? Some robots are programmed to help with household chores such as cleaning or even help in the yard.

There you have it. You might want to consider getting your personal robot now. But they could be a little expensive! That’s how robots have changed our lives. Well, I think we can expect to have huge robots soon. Isn’t it just awesome to control a huge robot?




Author: optimalrobotics