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How Robots Changed our Lives


Flying cars, futuristic gadgets, instant teleportation, and self-lacing shoes. That’s how we all imagine the future, right?

These things might be impossible to complete by now, but technology is quickly advancing! But one futuristic thing has been with us since the 90’s. What is it? Robots!

There are cute robots, helpful robots, and deadly robots. But how did robots affect our lives? Here we will give how robots changed our life.

Robots as Waiters

Robots can serve food just like as people! Besides, it is more entertaining to see a robot serving you. Some fast food chains have already replaced their kitchen staff with robots.

Baking your favorite desserts like brownies, they can do anything! I just don’t know if the chocolate chip scone calories is higher than a normal homemade one.

Medical Use

Robots are not about serving foods. They can be even the solution to the future of medicine. A robot can serve as a good assistant in doctor’s office or walk-in clinics.

Offense and Security

Some robots are made to give us the security. They can also be used in war or emergency rescues.

Drones are very good example for this. Though unable to move on its own, it can still be very helpful. Some robots are powerful enough to kill a human. We’re not talking about terminator here! We’re talking about robots packed with deadly weapons. Which are super cool!

Help do Household Chores

Don’t have enough energy to do chores? Some robots are programmed to help with household chores such as cleaning or even help in the yard.

There you have it. You might want to consider getting your personal robot now. But they could be a little expensive! That’s how robots have changed our lives. Well, I think we can expect to have huge robots soon. Isn’t it just awesome to control a huge robot?




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How Robots Can Make Your Life at Home More Fun and Interesting


If money is not an issue, will you buy a robot for your home? This may sound like something straight out of sci-fi movies. But the future has arrived, at least when it comes to robots, years ago. In fact, there are now several types of robots that you can purchase and use at home.

The robot that helps out with household chores

It is hard to find time to clean house when you are constantly busy. But what if you have a robot that could do the job and do it well? The good news is that housekeeping robots are actually a thing now. Some people have already reaped the benefits of investing on this type of unit. The price range varies depending on the type and model you choose.

The robot with “emotions”

There are several perks to living alone. But it can get tedious at times. But what would a person who doesn’t want much human company do? You don’t have to give up your solitude to enjoy the company of someone you can interact with if you need to. Pepper is a robot that mimics certain humanistic behaviors that will make you think that it has emotions figured out in spades.

The robot that’s fun to be around

Entertainment robots have been around for several years. Some of the big names in companies that have stakes in robotics have already rolled out various models. There have been pet robots and life-like robots designed to entertain.

The multi-talented robot

Why settle on a housework robot if you can have a multi-talented one? They can perform certain tasks, entertain, and even play with you. They may even have the ability to educate or provide you with information if needed.

The robot caregiver

If you’re living with an elderly or a child, a nanny or caregiver robot could come handy. Caregiver robots have been used in some elderly facilities in Japan. A nanny robot guiding a group of children in Japan has also been featured in recent months.

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Movies with Robots That You’d Want to Watch

There have been many movies about robots or at the very least have robot characters. Some of these characters are endearing while others are downright scary. Some were portrayed as heroes while others were bent on menace and destruction. These robots have entertained and fueled the imaginations of people across different generations. It will not be surprising if some of the world’s best minds in robotics have been inspired by robot movies they have seen in the past. Picking one movie to watch is not an easy task given the hundreds of possible choices. But here are five films that have robots in them that should be worth watching.

Blade Runner (1982)

Blade Runners are a special group of police operatives that track down rogue replicants. The latter are genetically engineered beings that look like humans. They were created by a corporation and designed to do jobs that are too dangerous for humans to do. The replicants perform their tedious or risky works in colonies outside the planet. This film revolves around a Blade Runner named Rick Deckard who was tasked to track and kill rogue replicants.

Ghost in the Shell (1995)

This Japanese animation film about a cyborg tasked to hunt down a hacker. Maj. Motoko Kusanagi follows the trail of The Puppet Master who can change identities of people by simply hacking into the cyborg-human minds.

Star Wars (1977)

The original Star Wars trilogy has a lot going for it. There are many iconic characters that continue to have a huge following to this day. R2-D2 is one of the most memorable and lovable characters of this film. It has accomplished a lot in the films and have often proven to be reliable in several critical situations. R2-D2 may not look like a human, but he certainly acts as one of the most human characters in the films.

WALL-E (2008)

WALL-E is an adorable film about a robot that continues to do the thing he was designed. He does things on his own after the rest of the units like him are no longer operational. The film is about his adventures that started soon after meeting another robot named EVE which was sent from another world to do a probe on earth.

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